Capture PS3 Video over HDMI (Bypass HDCP)

Capture PS3 Video over HDMI (Bypass HDCP)

Capture PS3 Video over HDMI (Bypass HDCP) – this video demonstrates how to capture your PS3 video over HDMI bypassing HDCP. This tutorial is intended to help gamers capture their gaming footage to share with their friends and the world! You will need a few pieces of hardware in order to achieve this… below is a list of products I purchased from Amazon which are used in my setup. It may be possible to achieve these results with other products, however I only have experience with the setup shown in the video. Please keep in mind that this setup is not supported by any of the manufacturers. I am using a MacPro but this would work the same with a PC.

Important: Make sure you set your display output from your PS3 to 720p and your Input on your BlackMagic Intensity Pro to 720p 59.94… any other setting will not show video and your capture wont work with the PS3.

Hardware used in my setup: (I’m going to list all three BlackMagic Intensity Models, however I’m using the PCI Card version – if you’re using a laptop, or want the ability to capture on more than one machine and have USB3 or Thunderbolt the other two options will work just the same).

You can use any one of these capture devices… I’m using the Intensity Pro PCI Card.

DVI Video+Audio to HDMI Converter Box (either of these will work)

HDMI Splitter (Optional – but recommended)

HDMI Cables Needed (to replicate my setup)…

TosLink Cable (Audio Cable)

***One more important note: If you disconnect the HDMI cable from the capture card and Media Express does not show any video when reconnecting it – go ahead and reboot your computer. This has happened a few times and fixes the problem.***

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