GoPro Hero 3 – DJI Phantom Footage Test + Crash!!!

GoPro Hero 3 – DJI Phantom Footage Test + Crash!!! | FordeeTV

So I took the QuadCopter out this last weekend for some testing. Got a couple flights in and realized I need to buy additional batteries. The battery only lasts about 10 minutes with the GoPro attached. Without the GoPro you add a few more minutes to your flight time.

I shot the footage with the ProTune setting on the GoPro, and only color corrected exposure in FCPX. I did not stabilize the footage, nor do I have any type of stabilization between the GoPro and the Phantom. Obviously it would help the footage quite a bit with some sort of stabilization. I noticed DJI has released a 2-axis Gimbal for their Quadcopter but that’s another $700 so I’m holding off for now.

The Quadcopter is quite fun and seems like it can get addicting to fly. The only thing you need to get used to is orientation (which is the front of the copter, etc).

It’s funny/lucky… that in flight #2 you see in the video some kid was talking to me and I was explaining the Quadcopter and answering his questions and I looked away for one second only to have the Quadcopter make out with the tree! LOL, luckily the tree wasn’t too interested and didn’t try to keep the Quadcopter as I’m not sure how I would have climbed it to get it down! LOL

Still have some getting used to flying it… and will make sure to answer questions after landing in the future! hahaha

Here are some links if you’re looking for a GoPro or a DJI Phantom Quadcopter:

Link to GoPro Hero 3 on Amazon:

Link to DJI Phantom Quadcopter on Amazon:

Link for extra batteries for the Phantom:

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