How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone (Running Kit Kat OS) | FordeeTV

How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone (Running Kit Kat OS) | FordeeTV

Life Hacking For Beginners-Advanced – How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone (Running Kit Kat OS)

This video gives you some quick instructions on how to root your Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone (Running Kit Kat OS). I did not write the code which roots the phone, I’m just pointing you in the right direction so you can do it too! I understand there are videos out there that show this already… however, I ran into some trouble while trying to capture video from my cell phone. I want to record a video to illustrate how I edit videos for Instagram and my work-around required me to root my Android Phone.

First Step…

This site shows you the process to root your phone… it’s fairly simple. Utilizing TowelRoot to achieve the rooting of the device. It’s important to note that this works on Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phones. I am not sure if it works on your cell phone or not, please do some research before attempting the root. Please look over the instructions before continuing.

Second Step…
Visit (on your cell phone):

When there click on the Lamda symbol (the red symbol in the center of the screen), to initiate a download of tr.apk
I had problems doing this. So I downloaded the file to my computer and transfered it to my cell phone with Android File Transfer for Mac. To install this application you must enable Unknown Sources (turn ON) to allow third-party apps to be installed. After installation, launch the application and click on the “Make it Ra1n” button, when it finishes, you are rooted!

Third Step…
Go to the google play store and download SuperSU… this will allow you to access the OS as a Super User (required for most apps that require your phone to be rooted).

Fourth Step (optional)…
If you are doing this to record your screen which is why I did it… then goto the Google Play store and download the “Rec. (Screen Recorder)” Application.


Other links and info…

I first tried to use the Samsung MHL adapter to stream video via HDMI to my BlackMagic Intensity Extreme. The MHL adapter allows you to mirror your phones computer screen to your TV to play movies, music, games or presentations. The BlackMagic Intensity Extreme captures HDMI and Analog video to your computer. I assume this did not work because the phone must output HDCP (copy protection) and without being connected to a device that can decode HDCP (such as a TV that has HDMI), it does not output anything. If I still had my Sewell HDMI splitter I could have verified this to be the cause. But the work around was quick enough to solve my problem.

Link to Samsung MHL Adapter to Steam to HDMI devices:
Link to BlackMagic Intensity Extreme HDMI & Analog Capture Device (ThunderBolt):

Important Note: The Samsung MHL adapter does not come with a HDMI cable, you will need one to use it with your TV.

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