Lightning to HDMI AV Adapter for iPhone 5

Lightning to HDMI AV Adapter for iPhone 5

Lightning to HDMI AV Adapter for iPhone 5 – In this Video I explain how to do screen capture with the Lightning Digital AV Adapter from Apple and a BlackMagic Intensity Pro capture card. I also share some capture footage so you can see the quality of the capture (although I didn’t capture Audio because I didn’t have that set while recording the tutorial).

I’ve had the adapter for 1 day now, and it’s been finicky as far as working. Basically when you connect the adapter to the iPhone 5 it attempts to make a connection. The adapter has a CPU and Memory in it and I believe it up-scales the video to be 1080p. From what I’ve read online potentially future versions of iOS may address the issue of how the phone and the adapter speak to each other. If you’re looking for HDMI out of your phone this is currently the only choice. And if you buy from Amazon instead of Apple you’ll save $10 (I’ll include a link below).

I plan to do some iPhone app tutorials/reviews, so hopefully this adapter becomes less finicky. I will update the review on youtube in the next week or so and let you know how it’s been. As always, feedback and sharing the video with friends is appreciated!


Link to purchase Lightning Digital AV Adapter on Amazon:

Link to purchase the BlackMagic Intensity Pro Capture card on Amazon:

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