P90X Video Journal – Day 13 (P90X2) – Balance & Power

P90X Video Journal – Day 13 (P90X2) – Balance & Power

Workouts Done:

Morning – None
Evening – Balance & Power

Today’s Weight: 218.6 lbs.
Weight: No change

Recorded Workout: Split Lunge on Stability Ball

Skipped the elliptical workout again today – just too busy today again. Received a new Video Card today (nVidia GeForce GTX570), a PC video card, that can be made to work in your Mac Pro to increase OpenCL for smooth playback in Final Cut Pro X and give you GPU CUDA power for After Effects and Premiere! I’m planning to upload a video on the steps you need to take to install and setup the card (I’ve already shot the video for it). Also going to put out a tutorial on how to properly setup Apple’s Compressor so it takes advantage of all your processing cores. Received my weighted bar today from Amazon as well so planning to use that instead of a broomstick in my P90X2 Recovery & Mobility workouts.

Starting next week I’m planning to film some of the cooking I do, maybe a recipe or something every day instead of the workouts next week.

Btw, I’m looking for some background music for my videos… any genre as long as I dig the track (however upbeat will probably work best for workout videos). I will give you credit and link to your page/site/etc in the video details where it is used. Shoot me a message via the contact page on FordeeTV.com with a link to a track you’d like to submit.

Following is a link to the Stability ball I use. It’s commercial grade and can take a beating!

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