P90X Video Journal – Day 33 (P90X2) X2 Shoulders & Arms

P90X Video Journal – Day 33 (P90X2) X2 Shoulders & Arms

Day 33 Workouts Done:

Morning – X2 Shoulders & Arms (skipped Ab Ripper today)
Evening – None

Day 33 Weight: 214.0 lbs.
Weight: No Change.

So, I’ve missed a few days filming the P90X2 updates… but hopefully gonna get back on track with the videos. I have been doing the workouts except yesterday was unable to fit a workout in… it just got too hectic and I didn’t have time. Today was supposed to be X2 Yoga, but I did X2 Shoulders & Arms which was yesterdays workout. I felt the weight routine was a good idea as I stretch and do a little yoga when doing the Recovery & Mobility DVD anyway. I’m still at 214, but have fluctuated by .2 lbs the last few days. It looks to be that 214 is my current wall… hopefully will break it by the end of the week… if not then next week for sure!!!

I put together a list of workout gear that I currently use on my site at http://www.fordeetv.com/workout-gear – go check it out and if you need anything please check the links!

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