Workout Gear

Below is the workout gear I own and use during my workouts. If you feel inclined to support this free site, please consider clicking on the links below when purchasing a product. You do not pay extra for any of the products below. What happens is Amazon will pay me a small commission for a sale that I direct their way. You get the same low price you normally get from Amazon and I get a few bucks for the referral. The money i earn will help in maintaining this site and allow me to continue to make new videos for you guys!

I purchase most of my gear from because they have great prices, fantastic customer service and incredibly fast shipping. Especially when you are a Amazon Prime member; Free 2-day shipping!!

Troy Neoprene Dumbbells
I have 5 lber’s, 10 lber’s and 15 lber’s in the neoprene variety. I like them because of their protective neoprene coating. They also feel nice on the hands. I will still probably use these once the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells arrive just because they feel so natural to hold.
Valeo 8lb Medicine Ball
I have two of these 8lb Medicine Balls. If I buy 2 more, as some of the workouts need 4 medicine balls (optional) in P90X2, then I will probably get 10 lb’ers. The link says $30 and shows a picture of a 4lb’er, but once you select the 8lb’ers these medicine balls are $25. They are used in many of the workouts for P90X2.
Harbinger Eco Fit Exercise Mat
Not the cheapest but it’s thick with padding and has a non-slip backing. It’s made from eco-foam – so it’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable! It’s also pretty light weight so it’s easy to move and comes with an elastic carrying handle for easy storage.
Rumble Roller – Foam Roller
This is the cadillac of foam rollers. Takes a little to get used to, but when you do… it’s a gift! It’s like having your own personal masseuse. P90X2 uses the foam roller heavily before all workouts. I have the original density 31×6 model, and do not recommend the extra firm model unless you’ve been foam rolling for a long time!
GoFit Professional Grade Stability Ball 55cm
When I started working out I weighed 262 lbs. and this puppy could handle me no problem. At this point I’m considering buying the 65cm version as some exercises are more difficult with a larger ball. On the flip side, some exercises are harder with the 55cm ball so having two isn’t a bad thing.
GoFit Professional Grade Stability Ball 65cm
This is the Stability ball i’m thinking of getting in addition to the one I have. It’s the proper one for my height, but I purchased the 55cm ball because of the color shown on Beach Body’s website before P90X2 arrived. The color in the link is blue, but when you go to Amazon’s site the 65cm one is Red. hahaha
Pure Protein – Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars
Of all the protein bars I’ve tried this is one of the better ones. And of the pure protein bars this one is probably my favorite as far as taste. It has 20g of protein and is 200 calories. Perfect for between meals or before/after one of my workouts.
Pure Protein – S’mores Bars
Of all the protein bars I’ve tried this is one of the better ones. This is a great flavor too, although so far i’ve like all the flavors I’ve tried. It has 19g of protein and is 180 calories. Perfect for between meals or before/after one of my workouts.
CAP Barbell Workout Bar, 5-Pound
I got this weighted bar because of the Recovery and Mobility workout from P90X2 which uses it. It’s heavier than a broom, but I could probably have went with a heavier bar. Plus it’s only used 4 times during the Recovery and Mobility DVD. Once my abs get stronger I can see using this weighted bar in a few ab workouts.
Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells
Just ordered these and haven’t had a chance to use them yet… Review coming soon…