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Hey guys and gals, I’m trying to get back into 3D (from Cinema 4D, X-Particles, Mocha and more) and have decided to start making tutorials on stuff i’m learning or practicing to solidify my skills. In this tutorial I used X-Particles to create a particle system that builds a network of honeycomb or a hive like structure (hexagonal shapes), we make some changes to the settings and show you how to emit the particles from an object. This takes advantage of the XP Trail Generator in X-Particles.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial, look for a lot more coming soon.

Nothing but love, Fordee from FordeeTV and CantStopArt

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—Links to Software Used in Tutorial—

Cinema 4D – https://www.maxon.net/en-us/products/cinema-4d/overview/
X-Particles – https://insydium.ltd/products/x-particles/


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