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Thank you for visiting FordeeTV! I appreciate your support as I continue to build the site and fill it with useful information and tools.

All my friends call me Fordee, I’m a Film Maker, Audio Engineer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Gamer and all around Media Guru! I have worked in Audio/Video/Graphics for as long as I can remember in some form or another. My last full-time teaching gig was as Head Instructor of Digital Post Production for SAE Institute in Miami, Florida. I started off leading their Electronic Music Production course and then transitioned into heading up with Digital Post Production program. You can catch me doing seminars, boot-camps and guest lectures at various schools across the US or doing 1-on-1 training via Skype for select students. I currently reside in Los Angeles, California which is were I grew up.

I’ve written a few Final Cut Pro X plugins. You can find the free ones on the download page, and the paid ones on my shop page. I hope to continue to add to this list of plugins going forward and if you have any questions about any of them please drop me a line!

I try to respond to all questions regarding the videos I post in a timely manner. If I miss a question, please understand that I get quite a few and am consistently working on my freelance projects, so I hope someone from the community who has the knowledge helps out in those situations!

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FordeeTV is growing with content… My vision is for FordeeTV to become an educational portal filled with things that interest myself in regards to Audio, Video, Graphics and more!


It is important to note that I am a freelancer. I can assist in your Audio, Video and Graphic projects. Whether you need help with your Music Video, Post Production Special Effects, Mastering your latest Music Track or simply designing your next company Brochure… I do it all. AUDIO | VIDEO | GRAPHICS AND MORE!!!