Chroma Key – Green Screen in Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)

This tutorial shows you how to Chroma Key – Green Screen in Final Cut Pro X | FCPX. The video demonstrates the basics of the FCPX Keyer & how to pull a key. We take a clip shot against a Green Screen backdrop, create two garbage mattes and apply Keyer. By increasing the amount of green colors selected by Keyer and filling the mattes holes, we are able to pull a pretty decent key off a shot that wasn’t lit under idea circumstances. This particular shot was done without lighting the screen separately which ideally should be done. But I wanted to show the power of the Keyer included with Final Cut Pro X (and I was being a little lazy).

If this video receives enough comments requesting a video on how to properly light a green screen. I’ll add a video demonstrating just that to FordeeTV’s channel.

On that note I will add these bullets in lighting your green screen properly:
* Talent should be at least 5 feet in front of the green screen (this may not always be possible depending on space size, however, if possible 5 feet is a good starting point). The further you talent is from the green screen the less shadows will be cast.
* The green screen background should be smooth (without wrinkles or folds). You can iron or steam the your green screen if it’s fabric.
* Light your green screen evenly (separately from lighting your talent). The lighting you use for your talent should not affect your key.
* If your green screen doesn’t fill the entire frame don’t worry, you can always create garbage mattes to get ride of those areas.
* Take sample shots and attempt to pull keys before shooting an entire project!


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