Canon 7D Magic Lantern Alpha Firmware Overview

Canon 7D Magic Lantern Alpha Firmware Update – Good news for Canon 7D owners!!! Magic Lantern has released an Alpha version of their EOS Camera Tool for the Canon 7D. The feature set on the Canon 7D Magic Lantern Alpha version is limited but they have made some great progress! Their overlays include the ability to display audio meters, histogram, waveform, vectorscope, focus peaking, false color and several other options.

The Canon 7D Magic Lantern Firmware update is still in it’s Alpha phase so expect more features to be released as more testing is done. Currently there is no bootflag set in the camera so each time you power on your camera you’ll need to load the Canon 7D Magic Lantern Firmware. It also means if you have a problem with the firmware, when you power off your camera it will be back to working with just the Canon Firmware.

Note: If you find this camera tool useful, please consider donating to Magic Lantern. The money you donate will be used towards new hardware and software to further their research in enabling more features for these fantastic tools.

You can download the Canon 7D Magic Lantern Alpha Firmware here:

Final Note: FordeeTV assumes no responsibility for your decision to try out this firmware. Do so at your own risk.


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