In this Quick Tip Cinema 4D Tutorial I demonstrate how to create a 3D Cyclorama in Cinema 4D using two rectangle splines combined with Sweep Nurbs. Your new Cyclorama can be used as a background object in your scenes. The Cyclorama is created with a white material in the tutorial, but the color can be changed to suit your needs.

Topics include:
Rectangle Splines – Create and Modify
Sweep Nurbs – And their Hierarchy
Material Tag – Applying and Changing Colors
Creating and Positioning an Omni Light

Brief Examples – Applying Dynamic Tags to your scene so objects will interact with each other.

I am still learning the in-and-outs of Cinema 4D and plan to create more tutorials as I go. I plan on doing an overview of the software and modeling in the near future, and would love to hear feedback on the series and I continue.

Thanks for watching and please share the video with your friends if you find it useful!


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