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Hey guys and gals, it’s Fordee! It’s been a while but I finally am putting an audio/video tutorial together for all the aspiring video bloggers, podcasters, new youtubers, video makers, etc. This video is a comparison of Noise Reduction plugins in Final Cut Pro. The Waves and iZotope plugins are available for other NLE’s as well (Premiere, etc), so if you use another NLE, don’t worry this still applies for the most part.

In the video I compare FCPX Noise Remover, iZotope’s RX De-Noiser and Waves NS-1 (along with a few other complementary plugins from Waves). At the end of the video I give me recommendation for best case scenario if money is not a concern or you’re looking for the best noise removal.

Note: After watching the final rendered video I noticed the I had the NS1 set a little high… probable setting it at 40 would have sounded better but then it wouldn’t have gotten rid of much noise. It seems as the NS1 works more like a gate than a de-noiser, however it’s slightly easier to use than iZotope’s RX De-Noiser which is part of the RX Suite.

If you have questions, go ahead an post in the comments and I’ll try and answer them. I have an art youtube that i’m trying to get off the ground… it would mean a lot if you check it out… the link is below.

Nothing but love, Fordee from FordeeTV and CantStopArt

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