Video Tutorials For Beginners-Advanced Using Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)

This video shows you how to use FordeeTV’s Frames Plus Pro Effect for Final Cut Pro X (FCPX Plugin).

This effect is available at our shop:

The Frames Plus effect breaks your clip apart into separate frames. You can control how many frames are visible (from 1 to 6). You have control over their ability to cast drop shadow. And change the drop shadows distance, blur and angle. You can change the size of the frames boarders on a global basis. You can modify each frames xy position and their rotation independently. You can adjust the source clips xy offset per frame. You can toggle a solid background color on and off and change is hue, or adjust the brightness and blur of the background layer (when using the source clip as the background).


Fordee is a freelancer; who specialises in motion design, visual design, concept development, graphic design + music and sound design. His creative solutions span across these areas of expertise: explainer videos, branding, visual design, video editing, post-production and graphic design.

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