In this Xplode Plugin Tutorial for Cinema 4D I demonstrate how to use the plugin in a few different ways. I walk you through breaking apart the geometry of an object and then using Mograph Dynamics tags to manipulate the results. We convert the Xploded geometry into a Mograph Fractured Object – by using the object as the source as well as using overlapping objects as a source for the thinking particles which later become the pieces of the geometry. We also use a plane effector to create an explosion of the broken geometry.

Topics include:
Xplode Objects – Using Different Sources
Mograph Dynamics Tags
-Trigger – Dynamics Tag Modifier
-Individual Elements – Dynamics Tag Modifier
-Bounce & Friction – Dynamics Tag Modifier’s
-Mass – Dynamics Tag Modifier
Plane Effector – Mograph

I am still learning the in-and-outs of Cinema 4D and plan to create more tutorials as I go. I would love to hear feedback about these tutorials as I continue.

Thanks for watching and please share the video with your friends if you find it useful!


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