Video Blog Mic Comparison | Rode Video Mic Pro vs Rode NTG2 & H4N

In this video Fordee shows you a microphone comparison between the Rode Video Mic Pro and Rode NTG2. There is definitely a difference… just as there is a difference in cost. The Rode Video Mic Pro has a much lower cost of entry and only requires a 9 volt battery and can be plugged into the headphone jack of your camera… whereas the Rode NTG2 required a Recorder, a boom pole or mic stand and a XLR cable.

We added a compressor, a limiter and iZotope RX Dialogue Denoiser to each audio track played from 3 feet, 6 feet and 9 feet. At the end of the video a small demonstration of what they sound sounded like pre-effects, and also a preview of what the reduction slider can do in auto-mode on iZtope’s RX software.

We hope this video helps you in your pursuit to capture clean audio for your films, vblogs, and more!


Link to a Rode Video Mic Pro –

Link to a Rode NTG2 Mic –

Link to a Rode Boom Pole –

Link to a Zoom H4N Recorder –

Link to a iZotope RX –


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